Keep Your Pool in Excellent Condition All Year Long

Once you purchase your pool and have professionals install it on your property, its maintenance becomes a full-time job. Many homeowners choose to take care of their pools on their own, paying out of pocket for cleaning tools and replacement materials and dedicating countless hours to proper inspections and maintenance, opening and closing procedures, and repairs. But, for those who have a busy schedule and can’t afford to dedicate so much time to pool upkeep, Carlton Pools provides the best pool services in the tristate area, including high-quality swimming pool renovations in Lehigh County, PA. Read below to see how our CPO-certified pool technicians can take care of your pool for years to come: 

Openings & Closings

Opening a pool is time-consuming and requires diligence to ensure that the pool is ready for the swimming season. Tasks such as uncovering the pool, removing leaves and debris, inspecting the chemicals and plumbing equipment, and refilling the pool must be done properly to keep the pool safe and clean for you and your family. Similarly, the closing procedures must be followed precisely to guarantee an undamaged pool. With Carlton Pools, our in-house pool builders and renovators can remove those pressures and save you time by providing opening and closing services. 

Valet Services

Correct openings and closings are essential procedures, but they don’t keep the pool safe and clean indefinitely. Watch the short video about our expert valet services for maintaining your pool during the swimming season: 

Equipment & Chemicals 

Does your pool equipment require an upgrade or repair? With our large inventory of name-brand quality swimming pool equipment, including filters, pumps, heaters, and lights, we can perform affordable equipment installations and replacements at your convenience. Additionally, we understand how critical it is to keep your pool water clear and safe for swimming, so we offer the best pool cleaning and water testing and conditioning materials and chemicals available in the area. Come to any of our locations to speak with pool professionals and look at our selection of chemicals and cleaners. 

For more information about our pool services and chemicals, or to bring in our professional swimming pool builders in Montgomery County, PA, fill out a contact form here or call us today!

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